Sunday, September 29, 2013


As I’m sitting in my relatively new garden bed , starting to cramp up with stiffness I’m lead to wondering what constitutes a weed. Is it something as simple as something growing where you don’t wish it to grow? I ask this as growing in my garden bed is something that appears to be grass. Seeds that I assume have come in on a free ride on the mulch I used. Now apart from the annoyance this has caused, I‘m forced to actually get my hands dirty again (let’s not mention my aching back).

Growing ever so profusely in my front lawn is not grass but …..weeds (the ones with the pretty little yellow flowers). So, I’m thinking instead of trying to wrestle nature to working within my clearly arbitrary tight expectations, I could just reframe my vision and as long as things grow they can do so where they wish….

Yeah not sure how that will all pan out…

Saturday, September 14, 2013

Don't apologise!

A friend recently introduced me to this idea.  At first, I questioned her but then as she explained her point I came to see the wisdom in her words.
When you flippantly use the words “I’m sorry…” to start a conversation with, you can inadvertently diminish what you’re about to say.  Already you’ve taken a submissive position. We, as women, can be often guilty of such things.
I’ve been attempting to adhere to this idea throughout this week. The habit is stealthily invasive at times.
I catch myself during conversations and actively reword my sentences. Texting at least gives me the time to rephrase what I have to say.

Why do I say “I’m sorry”?
Sometimes, I start a request with it when I want someone to do something for me. I’ve just simply stopped saying it. I’m not being unreasonable so there’s no need for it.
I also use it sometimes as a synonym for “excuse me”  …so why not just say “excuse me”.
Then there are the times when I start a conversation with “I’m sorry” when I know that what I have to say may not be easily accepted by the listener. I’m saying that I’m sorry that you may not like what I have to say. I guess this is possibly the trickiest one. Yeah, you may NOT like what I have to say but I still have the right to say it.

I don’t mean that if you have seriously made an error that you shouldn’t take responsibility and make amends - which I really do subscribe to. Precisely what you need to do will depend on the mistake made. It doesn’t necessarily mean moving heaven and earth but it should be genuine and done with integrity.

Sunday, September 8, 2013

Mandy's personal Melbourne tours..

So today, I gave a friend new to town a tour of our fair city of Melbourne. We were very lucky to have some gorgeous spring weather grace our day. I advised him to don the walking shoes as this was to be no lightweight tour. Though luckily, we benefit from a relatively walker friendly flat city.

Starting out at Queen Victoria market late morning with a spicy bratwurst, sauerkraut and mustard we worked our way first east to Spring St and a coffee at The City Wine Shop (quickly followed by a prosecco). Onwards south towards the river and Fed Square, he fell in love with Ponyfish Island and a Melbourne Bitter longneck - who wouldn't? From there we dissected the city via its laneways and arcades. 

So the point of this all? As I was preparing our itinerary for the day, I was forced to reflect upon what it was that I wanted to show a newcomer about my city. What is 'my' city? Sure, I know some historical facts that may be of interest. I can point out interesting architecture, even rattle off a fancy name or two. I can direct someone towards a great hainanese chicken dish (do not underestimate this!), a serious coffee (see previous bracketed note!) and addictive cheese stores (really? do I have to mention it again?).
Is this what makes a city? Well, kinda yes. These are part of the things that make my city just that - MY CITY!

My point - yes, I have one - is that it was really enjoyable to look at things from a new perspective, particularly something that you hold dear. I fell in love in my city all over again. I am proud to live in such a vibrant, lively and diverse place. I feel energised and inspired by the sheer energy. 

Bring it on!

Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Feeling antsy...

I don't even really know what the word antsy means - I'm thinking fidgety.
I feel restless with a side order of nervous....yet oddly also inspired. 

I've been watching a reality show to determine "The Next Big Artist in NYC"....(yes my tongue is firmly planted in my cheek and my eyes are rolled...). I accept the judicious editing and manufactured tensions but occasionally I am actually inspired. I know, odd, eh?

There's a fair degree of internal energy swirling and twirling inside me. I've been flying so high these last few days on a painting binge and tonight I had a crash and burn. Some of this my last series has been wildly successful in my eyes but one in particular is like a parasite just under my skin - aaaarrrggghhhh!

So, what do I do? I've put it aside, grabbed a glass of wine and am watching trash tv. Sorry, did you think there was going to be some bright spark of insight? Oh, god no.