Thursday, March 20, 2014

My rules for making art

1/ Just do it!  That could be a good tagline for an ad...anyhoo...for me it means, just apply pigment, just pick up the pencil, just start - in some way

2/ Ignore rule #1  pre-thought is actually part of the process.

3/ Enjoy life in all its colours and textures. Richness of experiences can only help to cultivate your internal life which in turn seeps into your art.

4/ Don't overthink

5/ Do what makes me happy. 

6/ Try new things - new media, new styles, new subjects

7/ Cultivate your own space for art. Make it a place you want to spend time in.

8/ oops - looks like I only have 7 rules..

Sunday, March 16, 2014

Opportunity doesn't exactly knock...

Opportunity doesn’t knock exactly but it can completely depend upon saying yes instead of automatically saying no. Sometimes I’m too tired to say yes; sometimes it’s simply easier to say no; sometimes it’s like I’m on automatic pilot and haven’t actually thought about the proposition.

If you’re someone I said no to when I haven’t actually thought about then I apologise but of course, I may have actually said no because I mean no. In fact, I know that it is vital that everybody learns to say no without feeling bad or guilty. It’s really important that we can put our boundaries in place. This is an important lesson that we need to allow our children to learn as well and we can help this by respecting them when they do express it.

That said – I mean something else with this post. I mean that sometimes saying yes can lead to new and exciting possibilities. Having a coffee with someone can lead to offers of new places to explore whether it’s work, travel or whatever.

I’ve recently signed on to the #100 happy days challenge which essentially is a project that encourages the individual to mindful of their daily  lives and express the happy moments they find in each day, It’s not anything more complicated than that. Now, I already consider myself to be quite aware of this but I’ve signed on to reinforce this and also hopefully create awareness of this in others.

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