Thursday, January 29, 2015

my collage competition entry

This is it.
This is the most original piece I've ever done.
This is embarrassing to admit frankly.

Not sure what else to say.
Sure we all get inspiration from all sorts of places and I was inspired by things I've read, radio shows I've listened to, articles I've read.

Still - this is it.
This is it so much that I'm a little scared to have another go - as much as I want to.

Sunday, January 25, 2015

Maintaining Equilibrium

Inspired by a friend’s post about what she does to maintain equilibrium here are mine. Her very insightful words can be found here

1.       Walk a little each day. I’m not going to make false resolutions about triathlons or joining a gym but I know I can achieve some walking each day (even if it is only to the coffee shop..)

2.       Keep a bottle of water with me in the car, on my desk, on my bedside table so that there’s no excuse not to have a drink of water. Again I’m signing on to any green smoothie regime cause I know it ain’t going to happen and I’d rather not lie to anyone else – or more importantly myself. If someone wants to deliver them fresh to me every day, then the story may change.

3.       Take lysine on a semi-regular basis to keep coldsores away. Coldsores not only feel crap but they seriously negatively affect my self-confidence.

4.       Body scrub in the shower usually once a week. I can’t decide what I like best - the process of applying it or how soft my skin is afterwards.

5.       Eat a rainbow of foods. Food can be so visually appealing and I’m always more inspired by a range of natural colours in my food. Beige on brown doesn’t tend to do it for me.

6.       Ensure there is something green in each meal I eat. I’ve been known to add parsley or chives that grow in the window box out the front to enliven a dish. It’s a small thing but it makes me feel better and it is easily achievable so why not.

7.       Get some alone time. Wrestle it from the world. Fight for it and defend it viciously. Okay, so I don’t need to always be so violent about getting some solo time but sometimes I do.

8.       Play, experiment, try a new artistic medium.

9.       Fresh air. Open a window. Sit outside. Even when it’s cool out, I’ll rug up but I like fresh air.

10.   “ I am just really nice to myself. I stop comparing, I sleep, I do what I love, I stop listening to rubbish and just hang and talk with the good folk and if I cannot get out of bed, the world won't end as I know it.” I’ve liberated her words as they say it so well. 

Thanks Ange for your wisdom and friendship over the many years.

(edited  after my walk and I thought of a couple more and because 10 is too arbitrary a number in a list) 

11. I try to have a monthly massage for more than it just feels good,  which it usually doesn't cause my masseur is a sadist I'm sure.  She says it's for my benefit but I'm unconvinced. 

Sunday, January 4, 2015

So not a farmer

I could never be a farmer

I've just burst into tears because my Coco cat won't come inside and I fear she won't ever come back. 

The backstory - a week ago we took in a second cat (Lafayette) cause its owners are allergic and she has been an outside cat but they're moving so that has to change. 

So as you'd expect,  the two cats don't get along.  It's been a week since I've had any decent sleep due to their fighting. I've not idea what to do to facilitate the situation more smoothly. This is the thing that bothers me most.  I have no idea what to do!

It's almost midnight on a night of full moon and my Coco cat has just appeared and I'm hugging her so firmly she bites me.

I could never be a farmer.