Saturday, August 31, 2013

Red Bubble too now!

I'm adding my images to my Red Bubble profile bit by bit. Red Bubble allows my work to be purchased as a print, card, and many more options. If you've never been over and have a look, now's the time.

Keep checking regularly as it is a time consuming process (well for me anyway....)

Family conviviality - unfinished

Sunday, August 25, 2013

Sunday afternoon life drawing

So yesterday afternoon I went to Dr Sketchy life drawing at The Toff In Town in the city. What a lovely way to spend a Sunday afternoon. Yes, I took the train in as it was necessary thanks to the bar and their delightful supply of shiraz (thanks Lisa). I view life drawing like going for a walk. Necessary exercise of certain muscles that can set you up for bigger and better things OR it can be an end of itself.

Once I read that drawing/sketching wasn't actually about drawing/sketching but actually about seeing and observing.(From memory it was in relation to a group of miners from the Midlands who were having art classes thrust upon them to broaden their horizons.) Those were the muscles that were being used. I think this is most definitely correct. I probably look the same amount of time that I actually make marks - whether that's with pencil or paint.

So if you look at it that way....actually I was busy doing exercise on a Sunday afternoon not really drinking red wine, chatting with a friend whilst drawing a semi clad burlesque dancer

Red002 - 400mm x 500mm acrylic on canvas $250

Friday, August 23, 2013

Afternoon Nap - acrylic on canvas 610mm x 915mm $800

I’m so excited ….and I just can’t hide it! (thank you The Pointer Sisters circa 1982)

 Such things never happen to me but the other morning I awoke at 4am knowing exactly what my next series of paintings was going to be. I won’t make you hold your breath any longer. It’s going to be bunch of selfies!!!!!

Hilarious, I know!. So I’m taking them on my phone then  I will follow my usual technique and style and voila!  There will be the added edge of incorporating the seven chakras and their corresponding colours. I’m really on a roll. Photos have been taken. Canvas and new paints purchased.

Selfies are something I’ve only recently embraced as a photographic art form (cue loud guffaw!) and I have to say I’ve benefited from the advice of the more ‘smart phone savvy’ age group ….. The other evening I was watching a reality TV show which is essentially Masterchef for NYC artists. Their entry piece had to be a self portrait.

Although this is a well established subject matter for artists across the centuries, it is something in which I have never dabbled before.  Naturally this got me thinking..Hence the 4am mental wake up call!

Wednesday, August 21, 2013

an oldie but a goodie

yes, I'm inspired by Klimt hence I call it "Like The Virgin" which of course delightfully incorporates a little 1980s influence.

920mm x 1220mm acrylic on canvas $900 

So everything is for sale. If I've not supplied dimensions and price, please enquire. All works are unframed - that's for you to do if it's your thing.

I paint with my fingers, brushes and butter knives. Painting is true play for me. A real tactile sensation. I paint because I feel the urge to. It alleviates frustration.
Please enjoy viewing as I enjoy creating.


Tuesday, August 20, 2013

On not planning everything

 A very substantial part of me (is it the Capricorn?) like to plan. Lists can be satisfying. It’s all about eliminating the variables. This makes sense. If I have a goal that I’m aiming for I endeavour not to get waylaid upon the way.
When I’m planning to paint, I’m really easily distracted by things along the way. They don’t even have to shiny distractions – housework features strongly here believe it or not. Ergo, I’ve developed habits/routines to get me on my way sooner and more directly. I put dance music on, get changed into my scruffies, lay down my dropsheet and move my easel and supplies into place. The music and change of clothes is the trigger that allows me to focus on the end goal – paint on canvas.
That said….I understand that this level of focus is not appropriate always or towards all things.
Sometimes it’s important NOT to plan.
Modern life demands a fair degree of planning this I accept. Smart phones, tablets and computers virtually demand these things of us. So occasionally, I turn my phone to silent and secret it away thus eliminating this reality anchor.

I allow for nothing.
I ignore the plan.

Sure - often it will come to nothing but who judges that the nothing isn’t as important as a something.

My Goddess - 1220mm x 920mm acrylic on canvas $1550

Sunday, August 18, 2013

The space between expectation and performance

I see it my children’s drawings and cooking and no doubt across other fields. Is it only related to creating?

I remember after I separated from my husband one of my daughters had started to sketch. This may not seem like a big deal but for someone who had not taken such chances before - and that’s exactly what this was for her, taking chances. She was learning that it was okay to be wrong. Previously she had wanted the first line she created to be right. Very few people ever get things correct the first time – whether it’s drawing or anything else. Deluded though I may be (though clearly I don’t think this is so), I believe she had taken inspiration from my taking a big chance by leaving her father. Is that really such a big stretch? She had been modelled taking a chance and she had taken a chance.

I no longer experience this relating to my own painting. Is that because I’ve learnt not to imagine my end result but can actually enjoy the process? Possibly I’ve realized that this is enough/. It’s not vital to focus on the outcome. Perhaps this is a vital part of maturing (dare I say growing up?). Understanding that it’s as much about the process as the outcome. At this point, shall I reference that it’s not about the destination but the journey….

I feel fortunate to experience this.

I don’t know how this came about. I’m not sure I really care. It wasn’t a deliberate process I worked at. However, I’m glad it’s occurred. As an artist and a grown up, I believe it’s really important to learn how to make mistakes and also to understand that this is okay.

Saturday, August 17, 2013

I may just refer to this in the future


Vehemence, to me, incorporates passion,strength, power and more.
I'm attracted to strong images when I paint.

I'd rather have a strong reaction to something or someone then be indifferent....would I rather someone felt the same way about me????

I love the word vehemence - how it sounds when you say it out aloud (are you doing that now?)

All this said, I also value being gentle, kind and nice. Qualities such as these are not the antithesis of vehemence. They can exist side by side.

It's all about balance.....

Friday, August 16, 2013

A few points in between

It started at this point

This was initial lay out sketch. I paint mainly from photocopied photos. It eliminates colour freeing me up to decide to bring in whatever colours I choose and also concentrate on tone mostly to start with.

this is what I'm working on so far

How do I know when it's long is a piece of string?

Taking the virginity

So anyway this is the first of hopefully many entries.

I've been thinking a lot recently about the notion of balance. We can see it in so many parts of our lives. Possibly, more importantly, you can certainly feel its absence.

I enjoy noticing it in the small things in life. Within the dish I chose for lunch, it was balanced with regards to flavour, texture and visual appearance (oops the artist in me never strays far). When I was rearranging my shelves the other day (and oh what shelves they are) I did quite deliberately pay attention to trying to visually balance the paraphernalia. I also placed the photo of my papa in front of the some of the dictionaries I inherited from him. In the next section I sited the photograph of my nana. 

Of course, this simple idea can be drawn further to address the greater aspect of life as a whole.Balance of the active and more contemplative sides of life. Between the things we want to do and the things we need to do.

I'd like to leave you with a little thought....picture if you will a club sandwich - one of my favourite things to order out as I can't be bothered making this for myself at home as it has so many parts. A good example of balance  - fresh tomato, crispy bacon, creamy mayo and so on. Of course, if it isn't balanced you can always use a toothpick......