Sunday, November 24, 2013

Bucket lists

What do we think of them? Like them or not like them? Do you have one? How up to date is it? How long since you managed to tick something off it?

They can be good incentive to get you up off your butt and out there into the world. Some people really enjoy ticking things off the list. For me, I like to make sure that the items are actually possible to achieve....for me. No point having it full of highly improbable things like travelling to space or running a marathon - neither of which I should point actually appeal to me although I know certain friends for which these are very real events.

Basically mine has expired - not that generally I believe in the old 'use by date' concept. Fundamentally I reckon we've become lazy and want  someone else to tell us when it's okay to use a product. Use your brain people!Look at it...smell it.. taste a bit of it. Cheese 'past' it's use by date? - Fabulous it's usually reduced and now it's in peak ready to eat condition! My favourite!

I read some interesting stuff on the interwebs recently ( who knew this thing would take off like it has AND be so useful ) about an art project that harvested bacteria from a variety of human sources and developed some cheese from said innovative bacteria strains. 

Now, I know plenty will disagree with me but I was a little let down that the cheese wasn't actually consumed by anyone. I thought it was such a missed opportunity to close the circle, if you like. Would I have tried it? Probably. I'm not too queasy when it comes to food. Cheese is essentially off milk anyway...

But I digress...gee I've never done that before (you, stop laughing!)

So basically I think I need a new bucket list.

There's a slight problem. I don't seem to want anything. My life is going so well in all aspects that I genuinely don't crave anything. It's particularly annoying for my partner at this festive time of year. 

My list used to include things like - eat a trashy hot dog and drink a beer from a plastic cup whilst watching a baseball game in America, have matzo ball soup in a Brooklyn diner, go to an uber cool NYC club and drink an over priced cocktail that I'd never heard of before. Yes, I see the theme too - food and drink and entirely acheivable.

So what's on my new list - not much so far. Definitely eating and drinking around Spain and Italy. Visit New Orleans with my man who has great passion for the city. But mostly, I think it's to do what I'm doing. Paint, write, cook, walk, laugh, read, talk, meet people, draw, play, take joy in each day and more.

Monday, November 18, 2013


I whole-heatedly reject the notion that procrastination is a bad thing.

I was trying to explain to someone the other day how my creative life is full of a large portion of things that most people wouldn't associate with the creative process. I read, I journal, I go to art galleries, I eat out, I watch movies, I watch people, I daydream, I source different materials that I might like to work with. I talk with people. 

Basically I try to live with my eyes and my mind open to allow all sorts of ideas and stimulus to seep in . 

This is not procrastinating or avoiding the actual application of paint on canvas. I believe it to be the pre-thought stage of my art. If there's no experiences to draw on and chew over in my mind, then I have no base building blocks with which to work. 

Ergo, the natural conclusion to this is that next time you see me with a crisp white wine reclining on the day bed you'll know that i'm actually working hard...... ;-)

Sunday, November 10, 2013

I'm grateful for the simple things

I am grateful for the simple things in my life.

The other day for lunch I made sliced tomatoes on toast. Simple and simply delicious. On locally made organic sourdough toast, I placed thickly sliced softly ripe tomatoes and some peppery basil just picked from my garden. Freshly cracked white pepper and salt crystals finished it off nicely. Truly yum!

It looked pretty and tasted pretty delicious.

I remember, during my childhood, my dad enjoying a similar breakfast at times (albeit without the home grown basil). It's funny the things that stick in your mind. I also remember the tinny sound of the clock radio on top of the fridge broadcasting the horse racing programs on a Saturday morning. I remember my surprise when I learnt that trams have the ability to go around corners - I'd only ever seen them go in straight lines. I also remember that comforting feeling of their always being somebody around. In a house where I was the youngest of four children, it was a warm fuzzy feeling having someone always there.

I'm grateful for my childhood - no complaints or blaming here thank you very much.
I'm grateful for good friends and family that enrich my life.
I'm grateful for happy, healthy children.
I'm grateful for restful,restorative sleep.
I'm grateful for the many opportunities life offers me.
I'm grateful to live a comfortable life.

Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Oh what a beautiful day

Last week, I indulged my newly healthy again self and took myself to the National Gallery of Victoria. After tramming it up St. Kilda Rd and alighting at the appropriate stop I halted to take it all in - the schoolkids, the out of town tourists, the chinese guy busking and the little kids discovering the water wall at the entrance for the first time.

Straight through the main foyer I walked then paused looking up at the kaleidoscope of stained glass and out through the rear doors into the secret garden that many people don't know even exists.I  remember once being taken there as a kid on a school excursion and although the surrounding building have crept up, it still provides an elusive peace in the centre of the chaotic city. If you've never been, I suggest you go.

After my artistic wanders, I wandered up to Hosier Lane for a fresher take on art - the plethora of graffitti that constantly turns over. From here, it's a natural stumble into Mo Vida for a glass of rosado and anchovy on crouton with smoked tomato sorbet. Throw in crispy fried pig's tail with green mole  and beef cheeks braised in pedro ximenez with cauliflower puree and another glass of that delicous dry spanish pink wine and I'm one happy camper.

Oh what a beautiful day!