Tuesday, July 26, 2016

episode 2 of the podcast

So I've uploaded a new episode of the podcast. That's exciting you say. Thanks - I think so.

In this episode I talk about the concept behind this podcast and also some possible episode ideas.

I also learn that I say 'ah' and 'umm' a lot. Someting to work on for sure. 

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Here are the links to some articles that prompted thought.

Confronting but important interviews to watch. This one started it for me

and here's a pretty painting I did a few ago of a woman laying in some grass in the sun. My hands and feet are feeling the cold this winter and I can reminisce about how it feels for the sun's rays to warm your skin.

Monday, July 18, 2016

podcasting - I don't do this sort of thing

This is the only thing I've ever performed in public. I decided to record this as my first test for the podcast I wish to work on.
I'm trying to get over sounding like a twelve year old.

I'd love your constructive feedback whether the piece was to your liking or not.

Be gentle on me though please.
Yes, I need to get to know the software better, find some music (yes, I'm addressing my musical friends out there.) Some episodes will be pieces of short fiction, other personal essays and hopefully some relaxed conversations/ interviews.

I shall reiterate - it's the first of many steps

check it out here -  my first podcast