Thursday, October 24, 2013

I can switch....

I recently heard about the idea that in portraiture there is an inherent power relationship. The artist is dominant over the submissive subject. I attracted to this idea though I’m not necessarily committed to it. What does this mean regarding the fact that I recently arranged some portraiture sessions of myself for use as subject matter for my paintings? I am the submissive or the dominant..or I can genuinely switch between these roles?

The logistics were tricky being both model and art director (though the photographer will argue that “I” wasn’t the art director but that’s a conversation that is only going to go around and around unsatisfactorily in circles). Clearly I’m not the first, nor will I be the last actor/director or model/stylist.  There certainly was a sense of giving up control and trusting the photographer’s artistic eye. Do I really trust them? I have to. I don’t have any other choice.

Anyone who knows me will understand my frustration at NOT being in control of all the variables. (Actually at this point I’m thinking that I need to learn how to use a camera and do some basic post production of the image. I’ll just add that to my to do list, shall I?....) Though I have heard that I can affect  a convincing laissez-faire attitude.

Of course, that’s only the initial stage. After dealing with copious amounts of my feedback and  having been sent the edited images, I switch roles. I’m no longer submissive. I’m in charge, on top!

And that’s where the story stops for now.

I’m unwell in bed, on the couch but most importantly not in the studio.  My head is swimming with ideas and my soul is uplifted by so many positives that have recently come into my life and I could push my body and throw myself into the studio but there’s no rush. I’m going to be an artist for the rest of my life. I want to get well, renew my energy and go forwards from there.

Monday, October 21, 2013


Couldn’t believe my eyes as I was driving home this afternoon! There on the nature strip a few doors down from my house, an overhead projector had been put out on hard rubbish. Only several days before a Facebook friend had mentioned he was looking for one and I thought to myself how helpful it could be. The idea had been put on my radar quite some months prior by another friend who has spent many years in art and design fields. So there it was put in front of me free for the taking – so I took!

What this lead me to think about was how sometimes in life, things are just put in front of you (or three doors down the road..). I guess the key is in recognising it. If you are too pre-occupied with the minutiae of day to day life, which we all can be a lot of the time, then it can be hard to see the gifts that are provided by the universe, or whatever deity/non-deity you choose to nominate. I am grateful for many things in my life – pretty pink roses in my garden, perfect coffee made for me as I arrive at work, a foot massage after a long day working on my feet. 

I recognise these gifts and am delighted in them.

Tuesday, October 8, 2013


Well it seems that gardening provides for many useful artistic metaphors.

Earlier this evening, during some very welcome mild spring weather, I grabbed the secateurs and started to prune the jasmine vine that grows along front balustrade. Being the virtual gardening virgin that I am, I was guessing at the correct manner in which to prune. The vine grew haphazardly in every which way for so many years and only recently have I attempted to guide its path (there is some correlation with my artistic path too).
I started with cutting off the dead wood to help me see what was really there to work with. After this I then cut the leading strands back or tucked them around and through the irons of the handrail . By editing and gently guiding the strands I was able to bring some order to the apparent disorder. Now by no means do I mean to say that I tamed nature. I am merely removed what I ‘think’ isn’t adding to the overall form and growth of the vine.

Equally - earlier this week I went through all my materials and pieces in my new studio to see what was worth saving and what needed to be cast away. I edited, moulded and discarded where necessary.

Sooooo, like my vine, I’m hoping to relish in the opportunities of this balmy Melbourne spring and grow in new and interesting ways.

The Flow

Life has its ebbs and its flows and it is definitely flowing for me right now.
I feel blessed not only to be experiencing this flow but also blessed to be switched on enough to recognize it.

Recently in my life I’ve met an incredibly supportive man who enriches and enhances my life. This naturally brings a smile to my face every day.

I’ve  been fortunate enough to be a part of the recent Fetish Expo at the Fitzroy Town Hall during which I spent many, many hours on my feet talking to a wide range of people who stopped to chat and watch me paint. This was a wonderful chance to get genuine feedback and I was buzzing the whole day. (Naturally the next day was spent chilling out in the bath with a bottle of vino and my own personal foot masseur).

My studio is complete and I’m fully moved in.

I’ve also been offered to be a part of a new monthly evening which will bring together a range people of varying artistic persuasions. It’s flattering to be asked and exciting to be involved with new ventures at the ground level. (I promise to post details of this event once details have been nailed down. Naturally I want many people to attend and help make this a success)

I’m thrilled with the ease of this blogging business even if it is only a forum for me to vent, explore and ruminate. I’m getting some feedback and sales through Red Bubble too – now that I’ve figured out the technical settings of getting message alerts…..

I had a grand plan for this year to get more serious about my art and though it may have taken to August to get the ball rolling – watch out people , there’s no stopping it now!