Tuesday, August 20, 2013

On not planning everything

 A very substantial part of me (is it the Capricorn?) like to plan. Lists can be satisfying. It’s all about eliminating the variables. This makes sense. If I have a goal that I’m aiming for I endeavour not to get waylaid upon the way.
When I’m planning to paint, I’m really easily distracted by things along the way. They don’t even have to shiny distractions – housework features strongly here believe it or not. Ergo, I’ve developed habits/routines to get me on my way sooner and more directly. I put dance music on, get changed into my scruffies, lay down my dropsheet and move my easel and supplies into place. The music and change of clothes is the trigger that allows me to focus on the end goal – paint on canvas.
That said….I understand that this level of focus is not appropriate always or towards all things.
Sometimes it’s important NOT to plan.
Modern life demands a fair degree of planning this I accept. Smart phones, tablets and computers virtually demand these things of us. So occasionally, I turn my phone to silent and secret it away thus eliminating this reality anchor.

I allow for nothing.
I ignore the plan.

Sure - often it will come to nothing but who judges that the nothing isn’t as important as a something.

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