Monday, July 7, 2014

Lessons learned from playing with watercolour paints

I recently returned from a week on a tropical island with family. Naturally, I took art supplies to keep sane and allow me a legitimate excuse to steal some time and space for myself. Tubes of oils and acrylics seemed too cumbersome to pack so I only took a sketch pad, some pencils and my recently purchased and mostly untouched travel watercolour set.

Let's just say I learned a thing or five.

1 - Time
Some things really can't be rushed. Watercolour needs time to dry if you don't wan't areas to bleed and blend into each other. Who knew brute force and blind faith weren't always the answer.

2 - I need practice paper to feel out the intensity and value of the colour that is on my brush. Only so much can be adjusted once it's on the paper.

3 - Other people who have experience in this can be very helpful

4 - Less can actually be more. Cliche though it is this is true. Clarity of a single stroke can say/achieve more than multiple strokes.

5 - 'Practice' pieces can really work.
'Proper' pieces can often fail.

Good god - could watercolour be teaching me patience. Perhaps this is why I always knew it was something I wouldn't do till I was older... Does that mean I'm older now? Wiser too? Ha!


  1. I think you forgot one comment: don't paint on the back of another piece; bleedingly obvious?

  2. hey! It's my blog...I'm allowed to edit as I see fit. Though it does fall into point number 5. What I thought would be another practice piece turned out well. I've leant my lesson - maybe..