Wednesday, January 15, 2014


I've had some interesting discussions with various people lately about how we get described and how we would describe ourselves. At times, I've had words thrown at me that were meant to be an insult and I've readily and happily taken them on with my response of "yes, yes I am!"

Now I'm not saying that these below all apply to me. 

Negative                            Positive

aggressive                         assertive
stubborn                            determined/willful
aloof/stand-off-ish              independent
impulsive                           spontaneous
lazy                                  knows how to relax/take things easy
pedantic                            relaxed
hedonist                            knows how to enjoy life
cheap-skate                       thrifty
bossy                                good leader
easily distracted                 open to new ideas
messy                               eclectic design sense
glutton                              gourmand

I'd love to add to the list

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